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Wholistic Wellness Initiative:
Thriving Moms

Thriving Moms is a 9-month program that meets weekly from the middle of September to the end of May.

Email the Pregnancy Care Centre

For more information email
Maralee Mason, Program Director
or call 250.376.4646

We would like to thank the following granting agencies for supporting the Wholistic Wellness Initiative:


Program Principles
Thriving Moms is a program guided by the values of Love, Connection and Growth. We aim to equip and inspire young women to strive for excellence, reach for the stars, and become the best woman and mother she can be.

Program Purpose
The purpose of the Thriving Moms program is to help move mothers from surviving to thriving by offering a safe, non-judgemental space to connect with other mothers, gain support and learn more about goal setting, life skills and self-care.


The Thriving Moms Program offers:

• A Weekly Meal

• Monthly Goal Setting

• Monthly Life Skills Workshops

• Monthly Journal Writing Workshops

• Monthly Crafts

• Relationship Building in a Close Community


Additional Benefits are:

• Financial assistance through grocery items 

• Goal coaching


Workshops focus on 6 areas of wellness:



Topics may include:

• Personal Finances

• Nutrition

• Parenting

• Cooking

• Healthy Relationships

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