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Perinatal Outreach Program:
Perinatal Education

Our perinatal education is a peer support program delivered by our volunteer client advocates and overseen by our staff nurses.  We also have volunteer doulas who assist in delivery education.

The curriculum used is from a streaming education platform called BrightCourse.  

Email the Pregnancy Care Centre

We would like to thank the following granting agencies for supporting the Perinatal Outreach Program:


The perinatal education sessions are delivered  during our office hours. They are provided one-on-one. This allows us to try and work around your schedule. 



Hopewell Clinic and Pregnancy Centre—main floor


This program is geared towards mothers and families who are low-income, are in need of a stronger social support system, or who need additional emotional support during and after pregnancy. It is free to those with a self-identified need.


Topics Include:

  • Pregnancy—1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, & 3rd Trimester basics​

  • Labour and Delivery

  • Infant feeding, including breastfeeding

  • Infant Care

  • Mental Health

  • Safety for mom and baby

  • and so much more...

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