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Wholistic Wellness Initiative:
G.R.O. Program

The G.R.O. program is life coaching program which will be customized to each individual's need.

There are opportunities for both moms and dads.

Email the Pregnancy Care Centre

For more information email
Maralee Mason, Program Director
or call 250.376.4646

We would like to thank the following granting agencies for supporting the Wholistic Wellness Initiative:

Program Principles

G.R.O. (Set Goals, Be Refreshed, Move Onward) is a program guided by the values of Love, Development, and Accountability. Our aim is to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients to learn, grow, and set goals for themselves in order to better themselves as a person and as a parent.

Program Purpose

The purpose of our one-to-one G.R.O. program is to enable young parents to become educated, confident, and successful members of our community by helping them enhance their knowledge and acquire new skills that will help them achieve their goals. 
We support them every step of the way.

G.R.O. Moms Program offers:

• Regular meetings with a Certified Coach Practitioner

• Budgeting and Time Management

• Goal Setting

• Self-Esteem and Confidence Building

• Parenting Skills

Additional Benefits are:

• Financial assistance through grocery items 

• A safe place to be yourself  

• Tea, coffee, or bottle water


Workshops focus on 6 areas of wellness:



Topics may include:

• Goal setting

• Personal Finances

• Nutrition

• Parenting

• Health & Wellness

• Healthy Relationships

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