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Sorry, not accepting donations.

Due to lack of storage, Hopewell is not accepting any material donations of any kind until July 22nd. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Material Donations 

All material items such as baby clothing, toddler clothing, women's clothing and toys are sorted into our Blessings Boutiques for clients to take what they need. The Blessings Boutiques are free and available to all registered clients. 


Donation Days

We appreciate material donations being dropped off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 12pm-4pm at the front desk.

Thank you!

Items Accepted for Donation 

Hopewell is currently accepting donations of:

- Toddler clothing size 2T-6T

-Women's clothing in all sizes

- Maternity clothing in all sizes

- Baby toys

- Toddler toys

- Bathing suits

- Hooded baby bath towels 

- Toiletries 

- Strollers

- High Chairs 

- Bouncy Seats 

- Bassinets 

- Baby, toddler and women's shoes

-New baby items for gift bags (such as pacifiers, sleepers, baby lotion, baby shampoo, etc)

Items NOT Accepted for Donation 

Hopewell currently does not have the capacity to accept:

- Baby clothing sizes Newborn-24months

- Exersaucers 

- Baby quilts and blankets

- Fall and winter clothing in any sizes


Due to our insurance policy, we are not able to accept or distribute: 

- Playpens

- Cribs 

- Infant Car seats

- Booster Car Seats 

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