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Legal Assistance

Elizabeth Fry Society

The Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society is a non-profit society providing services to people who are or, or could be, criminalized, with an emphasis on the needs of women and youth.  The Society provides education, advocacy, capacity building and safe, secure affordable housing within an environment of respect for each person’s right to self-determination and freedom from discrimination.


  • Courtwork Program

    • Staff and trained volunteers help people facing criminal charges, involved in family court, who have family members attending court, and assist the general public by connecting them with Duty Counsel, explaining court procedures, providing support, and making referrals to other community services. Also works to help women who have been convicted or are charged with a criminal offense to reintegrate into the community; services include assistance with paperwork and documentation, legal aid applications, and making connections with families, as well as with the provision of hygiene packages and donated clothing suitable for court appearances.​​

Address: 827 Seymour Street. Kamloops, BC. V2C 2H6

Phone: 250-374-2119

Family Law Resources

Duty Counsel (Family Law) – Kamloops

If you have a family law or child protection issue, you may qualify for help from family duty counsel (FDC) or a family advice lawyer, even if you do not qualify for a legal aid lawyer. These services are intended to assist people with lower incomes who are representing themselves in court. There is a maximum amount of time that these lawyers can spend assisting you. 


FDC are lawyers who can provide advice about: parenting time or contact, guardianship / parenting time, child support, spousal support, property (limited advice), tentative settlement agreements, child protection, and court procedures. In some communities, both Provincial and Supreme Court FDC are available. If you're in Provincial Court, you may want to check out the schedule of Supreme Court FDC in your community as they can also give advice to Provincial Court clients. Priority is given to eligible people who are in court that day, either on the court list or to make emergency court applications. Once court ends, FDC may have time to provide advice on a drop-in basis to people who are not appearing in court that day. 

For Urgent Matters call Family LawLINE: 1-866-577-2525

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