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Are you thinking about an abortion?

Email the Pregnancy Care Centre

For more information email
or call 250.376.4646

Like any medical procedure, abortion requires informed decision making. Empower yourself by talking through your options with one of our clinic nurses today.

Our team will provide you with abortion procedure information, risks associated with abortion, and alternatives to abortion.

There are many things to consider. Make an appointment today to get the information you really need—so you can make the choice you really want. 


You can speak with one of our clinic nurses today. Call us at 250-376-4646 or start up a chat (bottom right corner).


RNs on staff are trained to offer information and support to clients with an unexpected pregnancyOngoing medical care for a pregnancy is beyond the scope of registered nurses; therefore, each client is advised to see a primary care provider such as a nurse practitioner or doctor following their appointment.

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